Seth Miller

Seth Miller is the Director of Technical Operations for Global EDD Group. Mr. Miller's experience includes 13 years providing systems integration, systems audits and litigation support services to law firms and corporate legal departments. For the past five years Mr. Miller has also worked with cloud computing platform providers to help develop and implement cloud consumption accounting platforms and hosting infrastructure.

Mr. Miller's legal industry-focus covers a variety of systems. His most recent efforts have focused on messaging and document/knowledge management systems. He has also assisted companies with migrating infrastructure – either wholesale or for specific portions of their operations – into the cloud while ensuring security and availability of the systems.

Mr. Miller holds a bachelor's degree from Cornell University.


digital investigations

Data Collection

  • Forensic Imaging
  • Remote Collection
  • Mobile Devices
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Data Analysis

  • Computer Forensics
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Advanced Text Analytics
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Data Processing

  • Cloud E-Discovery
  • PST Mailbox Discovery
  • Mobile Onsite E-Discovery
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Document Review

  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Global Web Access
  • Cloud Productions
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