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Nextpoint leads the industry with progressive technology acutely focused on the needs of litigators. Our highly secure data clouds integrate applications, processing, storage and support from complaint through resolution. Nextpoint is dedicated to a simple but essential mission: To deliver world-class technology with an uncompromising commitment to engineering, design, and customer service. Nextpoint has re-imagined what good litigation technology should be, and our platform is a powerfully compelling alternative to traditional EDD and litigation support software.

Rooted in Litigation Technology
Nextpoint is a different kind of technology company—with roots in strategic trial support for complex litigation. We have worked alongside the best and brightest attorneys in the heat of battle, garnered a privileged perspective on the litigation technology landscape, and were underwhelmed with the litigation software that was available.

Enter Nextpoint Cloud
We set out to create an smart alternative to long-in-the-tooth, locally-installed applications that are bloated with features, but don't manage to do anything really well, or easily. Our mission is to leverage leading-edge technologies and build applications that are streamlined, powerful, simple to use and cost-effective. We think you will find our approach a breath of fresh air and a welcome change from traditional litigation software.

We started with what we know best—trial preparation and evidence management—and have moved into discovery in a significant way. Trial Cloud™ is a premier application for trial teams, currently in use by the world's leading law firms and corporations. Our Discovery Cloud™ and Cloud Preservation™ have been fully deployed and are being utilized by a significant group of customers. Learn More 


Venio Systems

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We, the founders behind Venio Systems, believe that there was a void in the first pass review Electronic Discovery market. We have over 20 years combined experience and have all worked with other E-Discovery technologies. We felt that a more effective and efficient product needed to be developed.

The word "Venio" is derived from Latin and means "to arise; to come about." Our ideas are "arising" from our experiences working in and around the E-Discovery market. We have pulled our resources together and introduced a cutting edge E-Discovery software solution created to save legal, government and corporate industries time and money - Venio FPR™.

Our Venio FPR™ platform allows forensic units, attorneys and litigation support teams to analyze data, provide an early case assessment, a total case assessment and a first pass review of any size data set. Unlike other E-Discovery management platforms, ours can export to ALL industry standard litigation support applications while providing extensive reporting options.

Come experience the Venio difference today! Web Site


Cumulus Data

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eCloudCollect™ from Cumulus Data, Inc. enables instant access to electronic stored informaion (ESI) from anywhere in the world with nothing more than an Internet connection. Collect and analyze data quickly for legal, governance, risk management, and compliance requirements.

The Cumulus Data Challenge

We challenged our veteran computer forensics and eDiscovery technology team to develop a solution—driven by client requests—to collect, review, and manage high-value electronically stored information with the capability to:

Collect high value data content from any device with simply just a web browser
Collect from any data source: private clouds, public clouds, networks, desktops, etc.
Collect any type of data; IMAP email (Gmail, Yahoo!, Live, etc.), Exchange Servers (hosted or on premise), server based file and user shares, user workstations, and social media content
Accelerate collection time, turning weeks and days into only hours
Accelerate access and review of native data
Provide a secure defensible collection and preservation of data to meet litigation, medical, financial, and business compliance requirements (HIPPA, eDiscovery, etc.)
Provide a data migration path to our workflow tools used in the cloud or on a private virtual network
Provide on-demand private clouds for our eCloud work environment
The Cumulus Data Solution

Our team met this challenge through the development of the Cumulus Data Platform, an evolving solution for a demanding and changing data environment. Our platform attributes include: security, speed, scalability, efficiency, ease of use, flexibility, cloud computing, and integration with leading products in our client's workflow and environment. The architecture is designed for seamless integration with private clouds so that clients can continue their workflow upon collection of data.

Cumulus Data's first product launch is eCloudCollect™, a patent pending technology offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). eCloudCollect provides users with a simple web browser interface allowing secure and defensible data collections, native data review and data preservation. Native data containers allow collected data to be seamlessly transferred to private cloud networks or to be downloaded for early data review and analysis, processing, eDiscovery review, or analytics and data mining.

We also partner with litigation software and service providers to offer clients integrated solutions. Legal service bureaus can integrate with other platforms directly from their private clouds to eCloudCollect, providing a secure and quick solution for cloud collection and cloud review. Web Site


Global 7 Technologies


Global 7 Technologies LLC ("G7T") is a technology company built on a foundation of deep industry experience and driven by a passion for innovative excellence.  We provide web-based information management solutions to the legal & financial industries, focusing on next-generation platforms that integrate the latest technology tools. Each of our platforms have been designed to leverage the amazing efficiency of our global network of cloud servers and maintain the high levels of quality, performance and security that are critical within law and finance.

Our flagship product, Global Discovery Network ("GDN"), is a secure cloud platform designed for the global legal industry that enables the easy preview of electronic business data typically associated with litigation, arbitration and investigations.

G7T was founded in 2013 by Brad Mixner, an electronic discovery industry thought leader with over 15 years of experience, and maintains its global headquarters in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.  Learn More

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Data Collection

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  • Mobile Devices
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Data Analysis

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  • Early Case Assessment
  • Advanced Text Analytics
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Data Processing

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  • Mobile Onsite E-Discovery
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Document Review

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