Data Mapping

Quite often technology staff and legal teams do not have a clear picture of the data contained on corporate servers beyond gross volumes and which staff or teams have access to the environment. Techicians from Global EDD Group are able to analyze custodian computers and network servers while they are online, capturing key data points with minimal impact to business operations.

This analysis enables Global EDD Group to compose detailed statistics and reports that provide valuable knowledge regarding the contents of each computer or server. In turn, This knowledge enables legal teams to selectively prioritize specific data points, identify potential issues and exclude specific data types very early in the discovery process. This service is also quite useful with large volumes of unstructured data that is stored offline on hard drives and NAS devices.

The following outlines the statistics, reports and charts/graphs that Global EDD Group is able to generate during the Data Mapping process:


  • Number of Directories
  • Name of Each Directory
  • Size of Each Directory
  • Last Access Date
  • Directory Owner
  • Path Length
  • Number of Files
  • Largest Files
  • Age of Files
  • File Extensions
  • File Extension Type Groupings
  • MD5 Checksums


  • Dynamic Directory Structure (XML)
  • Detailed Content Summary (Database, XML, Spreadsheet, Text File, HTML)
  • File Extension Summary (Spreadsheet, Text)
  • User Summary (Spreadsheet, Text)
  • Largest Files (Spreadsheet, Text)

Charts / Graphs

  • Contents
  • Size
  • File Extension
  • Distribution
  • User
  • Age


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