Litigation Support on the iPad

According to the 2012 ABA Legal Technology Survey, nearly 30 percent of all litigators now use a tablet device in the courtroom and, according to a Business Insider survey, the Apple® iPad® has become the primary computer for many professionals.  The flexibility, portability, and accessibility of the iPad delivers is a great tool for litigators, but it's really not that powerful if your applications aren't built for the Apple iOS environment.  Unfortunately, many products and online services simple do not work well, if at all, on the iPad. Our technology partner Nextpoint, however,  is a native, cloud-based technology provider, meaning it works on your iPad, iPhone, Windows or Mac desktop, or whatever platform you use. Additionally, in 2011 Nextpoint optimized all of its trial, discovery, and preservation applications for the iPad, meaning it will always look and run great on the iPad or any Mac device.

Global EDD Group has leveraged this technology to provide innovative "On The Fly" solutions for legal teams who are continually on the go, enabling them to securely access and manage their data, documents and evidence from virtually anwhere using their iPad and a data connection.  Courtrooms. Client Offices. Airplanes. Depositions.  All without special software or apps to download or loss of functionality!

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Data Collection

  • Forensic Imaging
  • Remote Collection
  • Mobile Devices
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Data Analysis

  • Computer Forensics
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Advanced Text Analytics
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Data Processing

  • Cloud E-Discovery
  • PST Mailbox Discovery
  • Mobile Onsite E-Discovery
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Document Review

  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Global Web Access
  • Cloud Productions
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