Trial Preparation & Presentation

Our Trial Cloud™ service offer the most mature and advanced trial support functionality for managing large volumes of evidence in litigation—including depositions, transcripts, e-mail and other electronically stored information (ESI). This online platform is simple to use, powerfully scalable, and accessible from anywhere from nearly any device, including iPad, iPhone and Android.

Trial Cloud Features Overview:

  • Optimized for use with any Mac, iPad or iPhone.
  • Supports unlimited users with no hidden fees
  • Native file processing, OCR, image generation, PDF to TIFF conversion, image stamping, and exporting at no additional cost
  • Powerful search capabilities include full Boolean controls
  • Built-in OCR and PDF to TIFF conversion 
  • Color-coded designation management
  • Hyperlinked depositions to supporting documents
  • Automatic exhibit stamping and list generation
  • Premier designation and video tools
  • Built-in presentation tools
  • Electronic exhibit stamping
  • Standard coding fields are pre-loaded to get started quickly
  • Customizable label, issue, and tag fields provide flexibility during the litigation process
  • Hyperlink from deposition transcripts to documents
  • Tiered user permission structure allows for sophisticated permissions management
  • Support for native files provides a durable solution for a variety of file types
  • High quality video deposition sync with transcripts
  • Automatic exhibit stamping and list generation
  • Military Grade Data Security including 256-bit SSL and block cipher AES-256

Advanced tagging, coding, and deposition designation tools are available from Trial Cloud's intuitive interface. Built-in presentation tools allow trial teams to generate and save document callouts quickly and easily, while electronic exhibit stamping eliminates outdated, manual paper processing. Your data is securely uploaded to a hosted database, meaning you can access your data from anywhere, even an iPad or mobile device.

All key evidence types—documents, depositions, and transcripts—are indexed and instantly searchable.

Because all of your data is securely accessed online and not stored locally, there's no risk that losing your laptop or device compromises your evidence. Data is always encrypted, so you can safely and securely make any edits or updates anywhere.



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