Venio FPR™ Integrated E-Discovery Platform

Venio FPR™ is a single source solution for processing, analytics review, and production. It has a flexible workflow whereby in one seamless product users can move from one part of the application to another without the hassle of exporting and importing data between multiple products. So attorneys can quickly identify all participants in a case, identify gaps in email communications, and sift through hundreds, thousands and even millions of documents without toggling between different screens and applications. Venio FPR™ is the single source for all your data culling, processing, ECA analytics, review and production needs.


First Pass Review
Venio FPR™ provides extensive analytics and search capabilities which allow users to perform a first pass review of their data set. Clients have the option of employing standard or customizable tags for use in reporting and exporting data for final review.

Social Networking Analytics
Venio FPR™ makes significant connections with its Social Networking feature. Users can see how custodians communicate with each other through a graphically depicted network stream thus enabling users to quickly see all attachments transferred between individual custodians. This visual advantage allows its users to assess if other custodians, not initially identified for collection, should be added to the list.

Language Identification
Venio FPR™ has the exclusive ability to allow users to identify over 25 languages present in a data set. By using this in the first past review system, clients can gather the appropriate resources to review the foreign language documents found and ensure that no data was eliminated by erroneous search terms.

Defensible Search
Venio FPR™ has a robust search feature which allows users to see the maximum variations of each term or phrase entered. It lets users select additional terms to add to their search list which provides true defensibility of their search methodology. Using our search feature, in conjunction with our extensive reporting feature, helps to reduce erroneous hits and ensures that all possible search terms are exhausted.

Early Case Analysis
Venio FPR™ offers clients the ability to do an initial analysis of the data loaded into the system providing its users the opportunity to get a high level view of the data without processing any files. Additionally, the analyzed information can be exported to a specialized report for further scrutiny by any investigative E-Discovery team.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities
With over 20 standard reports in the system, Venio FPR™ has the most extensive reporting feature in the industry. Many of the reports can be generated on a global/project level or on a custodian level thus allowing investigative teams the capability to analyze and report back the results to their own clients.

Total Case Analysis™
Venio FPR™ is the first E-Discovery system to offer its clients a Total Case Analysis™ which provides them with a high level, yet detailed view, of post-processed data. After parsing, data can be processed to find out everything from file size, records deduped, language identification, social networking and more! The information showcased in the Total Case Analysis™ is viewed either on-screen in a dashboard format or as a hard copy printable report.

Venio Dashboard

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